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Style Guide as a Base for Great Design

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The lake below was only a thin steel ring that cut the rocks in half. The rocks went on into the depth, unchanged. They began and ended in the sky. So that the world seemed suspended in space, an island floating on nothing, anchored to the feet of the man on the cliff.

His body leaned back against the sky. It was a body of long straight lines and angles, each curve broken into planes. He stood, rigid, his hands hanging at his sides, palms out. He felt his shoulder blades drawn tight together, the curve of his neck, and the weight of the blood in  his hands. He felt the wind behind him, in the hollow of his spine. The wind waved his hair against the sky. His hair was neither blond nor red, but the exact color of ripe orange rind.

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  1. The road led past the first houses to a church.
  2. The church was a Gothic monument.
  3. It had stained-glass windows.

They were sketches of buildings such as had never stood on the face of the earth. They were as the first houses built by the first man born, who had never heard of others building before him.

  • He flung the sketch down on the table.
  • No laws had dictated a single detail.
  • The structures were austere and simple

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The Stanton Institute of Technology stood on a hill, its crenelated walls raised as a crown over the city stretched below. It looked like a medieval fortress, with a Gothic cathedral grafted to its belly.

The Dean’s office looked like a chapel, a pool of dreamy twilight fed by one tall window of stained glass. The twilight flowed in through the garments of stiff saints, their arms contorted at the elbows. A red spot of light and a purple one rested respectively upon two genuine gargoyles squatting at the corners of a fireplace that had never been used. A green spot stood in the center of a picture of the Parthenon, suspended over the fireplace.

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ON a spring day, eighteen months later, Dominique walked to the construction site of the Wynand Building. Then there was only the ocean and the sky and the figure of Howard Roark.CategoriesCapitalFinanceInvestmentsLeave a commentSearch for:

und ebenfalls mal ein kleiner text, der farblich durch einen anderen hintergrund hervorgehoben wird:

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